Sabtu, 22 November 2014

We Are Officially OPEN @ Blok M Plaza Lt.2 unit 2.03

Thanks For all the Support from our beloved Family, Loyal Clients, Friends, BloggerFellow, and all the horologie Fans out there

Special Thanks To: New21Watch, NewTime, B'Watch, CenterLuckyWatch, Fidel(DeLuxuryWatch), H.Eric(AntiqueWatch), HadiMuwardi (SecondOriginalWatch.Blogspot), Ferry (JamTanganSecond.Blogspot), SumberRejeki(Bali), BaliCooler(Hendra&Ellen), K-AutoRentCars (Mancen&Hilman), LieNyukLan, Aldo&Herman SteelChandri, Xoxo/Soso, OctoWijaya, Christine&James(SimplyBake), PauPau(Mulyadi), Sari,Felicita,Vonny(BangkokGroup), Nico&NikiLiandi, ThomasFamily(SemenBosowa) and, TonyTock

Another Special Thanks to: Tata's Mommy (Fanny) and my wife (Kristie) for preparing the Tumpeng and the Cake

we will be your horologie assitant for your lifetime... (Willis Tata Adi)


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